History of St. Paul's

St. Paul's Heritage: We appreciate the past as we savor the present and move toward the future.


The beginning of the parish dates back to 1880 when Mrs. Harriet Stevens opened her winter home near Pottsburg Creek (Arlington River) for a church school and worship.  St. Paul's Episcopal Church was charted in 1887. The need for a church building was soon evident; therefore, Mrs. Stevens herself funded the building of a church the following year, 1888, on the corner of Atlantic Boulevard and Bartram Road.

It was built in the Carpenter Gothic style, with native yellow pine as its interior and painted glass windows.

In 1927, St. Paul's built a parish hall and kitchen. A tennis and basketball court soon followed. By 1946, St. Paul's had become very active in the community of Arlington with a Men's Club, the St. Paul's Players, and the Young People's Service League.

new churchIn January 1949, St. Paul's Mission officially became a parish, and the first annual meeting of St. Paul's Episcopal Parish was held January 11, 1949.

In September of 1955, ground was broken for the present church.

St. Paul's became so well attended that two Sunday services were created. More than 400 children were enrolled in Sunday School during the late 1950's and early 1960's.

On October 11, 1977, the original building was moved to MOSH in downtown Jacksonville, and later moved to its present home in San Marco Fletcher Park.

5616 Atlantic Blvd
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